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"Be a voice not an echo." - Albert Einstein

The Visual You: Why Body Language Matters in Public Speaking

How To Be In the Moment for Connecting with Your Audience

How to Speak So People Really Listen to You

Why Online Public Speaking Training Is More Important Than Ever

10 Fast and Effective Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better on the Phone

How to Turn On Your Audience's Positive Emotions

The Best Way to Know If Your Speech Was a Success

How to Be a Strong Speaker in the Mind of Your Audience

Negative Body Language: 7 Deadly Sins of Nonverbal Communication

How to Read a Speech and Still Be an Effective Speaker

Do You Need to Be 'Acting' When You Speak in Public?

You've Never Seen Anything Like This! - Carlos Ghosn's Amazing Press Conference

Speak with Confidence Using this Simple Breathing Technique

To Your Success: My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2019

You're a CEO. Now How Do You Speak Like One?

Be the Best Public Speaker You Can Be . . . Tell Stories!

5 Ways to Improve Your Voice as a Professional

The 10 Biggest Public Speaking Errors (and How to Avoid Them)

How to Outline a Speech for a Great Performance

Body Language and Presence: How to Own a Stage

Speak for Success! How to Live in Your Audience's World

How to Hook Your Audience with a Great Opener

How to Be More Confident in Job Interviews and Conversations

Fearless Speaking Named One of Best Confidence Books of All Time

How to Overcome Your Nerves and Speak with Confidence

For Persuasive Speaking, Use These Four Powerful Techniques

10 Easy Ways to Make People Have More Confidence In You

How to Develop a Warmer and More Pleasant Voice

How to Improve Your Stage Presence for Public Speaking

Body Language: A Skill You Need for Social Success

How to Speak from Notes or a Manuscript in Public Speaking

Why You Need to Sell Yourself When You Speak

How to Begin a Presentation: The Critical First 60 Seconds

The Breathing Technique that Will Boost Your Confidence

Be Strong! — How to Keep Your Speaking Voice Healthy

"Oops!" ― 5 Ways to Recover from a Brain Freeze in a Presentation

How to Make an Audience Fall in Love with You

Are Your Conference Speakers Ready for Prime Time?

How to Stop Magnifying Fears and Enjoy Your Life

How to Achieve Emotional Power in Speeches and Presentations

How to Make Audiences Have Faith in You as a Leader

5 Ways to Win Credibility with Audiences

How to Understand and Impress Your Audience

Storytelling in Business: How To Be Good At It

The Power of Silence: How to Use Pauses Effectively in Public Speaking

Do You Know How to Engage an Audience?

What Do You Want to Share? — How to Interest an Audience

Facial Expressions: Are You Good at Reading People?

Bravo! — How to End a Speech Vividly and Memorably

The Best Way to Choose a Great Speech Topic

How to Be a Comfortable, Cool, and Commanding Speaker

This Actor's Skill Can Make You a More Exciting Speaker

10 Causes of Speech Anxiety that Create Fear of Public Speaking

Why You're a Professional Speaker . . . and How to Be Successful

Event Planning: How to Hire the Best Keynote Speaker

Are You Committing this Mistake Even Brilliant Speakers Make?

Start Strong!  — Give Your Audience a Greeting They'll Remember

How to Be Persuasive If You're a Data Scientist

The 5 Best Reasons Why Public Speaking Is Important

How to Get an Audience to Share What You're Feeling

How to Think on Your Feet: Two Exercises for Speaking Under Pressure

Memorizing Your Speech . . . Should You or Shouldn't You?

How to Make a Winning Pitch to Investors

What to Do at the Last Minute for a Successful Speech

How to Improve Your Voice for Persuasiveness and Power

The 5 Key Body Language Techniques of Public Speaking

The One Habit that Will Make You a Better Speaker

The Easy Way to Be a More Admired Public Speaker

The 7 Leadership Qualities of Great Speakers

The 3 Best Ways to Deliver a Technical Presentation

Readers' Favorites: My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2018

10 Signs You Have a 'Hidden' Fear of Public Speaking

Are You 'Human' Enough? — How to Make Any Audience Love You

Are You Clear? How to Be a Concise and Compelling Speaker

How to Make Your Message Clear in Important Presentations

How to Practice a Speech for the Best Results

The #1 Skill You Need to Speak for Leadership

How to Recognize and Prevent a Public Speaking Panic Attack

Phantom of the Opera: A Master Class in Effective Body Language

5-Minute Technique to Calm Your Fear of Public Speaking

Two Simple Tricks to Have More of an Actor's Voice

How to Be a Successful Panelist at Business Conferences

How to Be a Top Performer When You Speak in Public

How to Start a Speech — 12 Foolproof Ways to Grab Your Audience!

A Quick-Study Guide on How to Be an Effective Public Speaker

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy in Public Speaking?

Are You Preparing for an Important Presentation in the Wrong Way?

10 Benefits of Presentation Skills Training for Employees

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Powerful Speech

5 Ways to Be a Hit Speaker at Your Next Conference

How to Make a Positive Impression On Anyone

How to Reach Audiences in the One Way that Matters

6 Worst Body Language Mistakes of Public Speaking

How to Be Comfortable Speaking to a Large Audience

Want to Wow an Audience? — Here's How to Prepare Your Speech

How to Overcome a Bad Public Speaking Experience

How to Breathe to Stay Calm, Focused, and Confident

Sing the Body Electric: How to Speak for Leadership Communication

How to Make Your Notes Into a Sensational Speech

How 'Dracula' Can Make You a More Powerful Public Speaker

How to Create More Exciting and Memorable Presentations

Nervous Body Language: The Top 10 Signs

The 5-Minute Exercise that Can Make You a Fearless Speaker

Speak with Power! How to Sound Like a Leader

How to Command the Stage Like an Actor When You Speak

How to Organize a Presentation to Be an Outstanding Speaker

PowerPoint Tips: 4 Things You Need to Know to Energize Your Talks

How Breathing Can Make You a More Focused and Powerful Speaker

How Body Language Can Make You Look Confident

The Secret Strategy that Will Make What You Say Powerful

Fear of Public Speaking: How to Get Over Nervous Anticipation

The Best You Can Be: How to Be a 'Natural' Public Speaker

A Powerful Tool to Make Your Presentations More Memorable

An Actor's Secrets for How to Be a Great Public Speaker

5 Body Language Errors that Will Sink Your Presentation

How To Be a Speaker Who Stands Out from the Crowd

5 Ways to Be At Your Best in a Job Interview

The Worst Public Speaking Advice (and How to Do Better)

Leadership Skills: 10 Focusing Techniques for Public Speaking

Podium Presence: How To Speak To Influence On The Big Stage

How to Dramatically Improve Your Voice for Public Speaking

A Year of Leadership: 5 Ways to Be an Amazing Speaker in 2018

Readers' Favorites: My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2017

Role-Playing: A Theater Technique that Will Improve Your Business

Video Conferencing: How to Speak Dynamically In Front of the Camera

How To Be As Good a Speaker As Your Boss

Leadership Skills: The 5 Essential Speaking Techniques

How to Engage Audiences So They Love Your Speeches

The Power of First Impressions: How to Make a Great One

Zombie Presentations: How Not to Speak like The Living Dead

How to Introduce Yourself in a Professional Situation

How to Stop Saying 'Uh' and 'Um' When You Speak In Public

Is Your Body Language Revealing More Than You Want It To?

The Six Rules of Effective Public Speaking

Why You Need to Have Faith in Yourself as a Public Speaker

9 Positive Character Traits You Need to Show When You Speak

How to Make Your Business Team Presentations More Successful

President Trump's Big Speech at the United Nations — How Did He Do?

How to Talk About the Most Important Topic in the World

The Churchill Method of Great Public Speaking

Get to 'Wow!' How to Give a Great Performance In a Speech or Presentation

Natural Body Language: How to Let Your Body Think for Itself

Why Emotional Speaking Makes You So Powerful with Audiences

Self-Conscious as a Speaker? — How to Calm Your Nerves

How to Deal with Difficult Audience Members and Win Their Trust

How to Read Body Language — 5 Ways Your Audience Can Make You a Better Speaker

Develop X-Ray Vision While Becoming an Amazing Speaker! Don't Delay!

How to Overcome a Public Speaking Panic Attack and Save Your Own Life!

Richard Branson On Public Speaking: The Secret You Need to Know

How to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations More ... Well, Powerful

3 Easy Ways to Be a More Confident and Compelling Public Speaker

Explode! Fly Apart! Disintegrate! — How to Be a Passionate Public Speaker

Are You Missing Out? — The Transformational Magic of Storytelling

How to Make Your Presentation into a Great Performance

How Strong Is Your Voice? Sounding like You Mean Business for Business

Body Language and Power: How to Command the Stage when You Speak

Four Easy Ways to Be a More Exciting Speaker with Charisma

Fear of Public Speaking? Here's How to Be a Better Performer!

Do You Reach Your Listeners? How to Show Audiences You Care

The $64,000 Question You Need to Answer to Be an Effective Speaker

Can Humility Make You a More Successful Speaker? Believe It!

How to Speak as a Leader: The Power of Performance

How to Speak with Integrity to Gain Maximum Credibility

25 Words or Phrases to Avoid in Speeches and Presentations

How to Be a High-Energy Speaker with Great Stage Presence

20 Ways to Connect with an Audience for Lasting Influence

5 Things the Funniest Man in the World Can Teach You About Speaking

Goodness! — Are You Too Emotional when You Speak in Public?

14 Easy Ways to Be a Memorable and Successful Public Speaker

5 Acting Techniques for Greater Stage Presence in Public Speaking

Gestures! — How to Look Good and Feel Strong as a Speaker

The Voice of Authority: How to Sound like a Leader

So Funny, It's Serious! — How to Know What Makes an Audience Tick

Profit from Your Passion: How to Excite and Motivate an Audience

5 New Habits to Be a More Successful Speaker in 2017

My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2016

How to Give a Speech: 101 Fast and Easy Ways to Be a More Successful Speaker

7 Amazing Ways to Overcome Resistance in a Speech or Presentation

Starting a Speech: How to Engage and Excite Your Audience

How to Ace an Interview: The Question from Hell

Speech Anxiety? How to Calm Your Mind and Boost Your Confidence

PowerPoint Magic: How to Be a Disruptive, Powerful Presenter

How to Keep Your Voice Young, Energetic, and Powerful

The Secret Skill of Organizing a Presentation You Need to Know

5 Powerful Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Audience

What the Most Famous Speech in 'The Godfather' Can Teach You

How to Develop a More Powerful Public Speaking Voice

Body Language that Will Make You More Persuasive and Likable

Your Voice and Leadership: Two Secrets to Achieving Presence and Charisma

How to Avoid Giving Presentations that Make You Look Bad

Body Language and First Impressions: How to Establish Instant Rapport

Confessions of an Actor: How to Rehearse for an Amazing Speech

How to Go from Nervousness to Stage Presence in One Easy Lesson

To Dramatically Improve Your Eye Contact, Use This Public Speaking Technique

Relax! — 3 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Speech Anxiety

How to Boost Your Leadership Team's Success with Public Speaking

4 Easy Ways to Be a More Engaging Public Speaker

How to Boost Your Brand Through Storytelling

How to Give a Webinar: 4 Ways to Keep Your Audience Tuned In

How to Use Positive Thinking to Speak More Successfully

The Big Bang Theory of Public Speaking: Connecting with Your Audience

PowerPoint 'Gold': How to Create Powerful and Persuasive Slides

Speak to Win! How to Transform Your Ideas into a Powerful Speech

5 Ways to Improve Your Company's Team Presentations

Stage Presence: Mastering the Art of Performance for Public Speaking

The Voice of Business: Two Public Speaking Tools to Captivate Audiences

Do You Have Stage Presence and Charisma? — 6 Ways to Speak to Impress!

How to Use Body Language to Improve Your Self-Confidence

7 Presentation Skills Your Boss Wants You to Master

Want to Be a Great Speaker? — Use this Trick from the World's Best Actors!

Speaking to the CEO? — 5 Ways to Make Your Presentations Memorable!

Breathing for Public Speaking: 3 Ways You May Be Doing It Wrong

How to Build a Presentation: The 7-Step Method for Speaking with Influence

Speaking as a Leader: 12 Ways to Command a Stage

4 Foolproof Ways to Rehearse a Speech or Presentation

The Actor's Art: What Can It Teach You About Public Speaking?

Stage Fright ? — 3 Powerful Ways to Tame the Monster!

5 Ways to Captivate Any Audience and Speak with Charisma

Speech Anxiety: How to Get Over the "Awful First Two Minutes"

Speaking for Leadership: How to Achieve Relaxation and Focus

Listening to Yourself: 3 Ways to Use Positive Feedback to Improve Your Public Speaking

Body Language Secrets: What Self-Image Are You Broadcasting?

An Acting Technique to Dramatically Improve Your Public Speaking

What This CEO's Keynote Can Teach You About Public Speaking

How to Build Your Confidence for Public Speaking

The Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2015

An Actor's Secrets: How to Improve Your Voice for Public Speaking

Leadership Skills: How to Persuade Any Audience

Move! How to Use Body Language to Tell Your Story

How to Open a Presentation: Tell 'Em What You're Going to Say

Presentation Technology . . . Are You Using It Effectively?

Do You Go Blank from Public Speaking Anxiety? — Do This!

Speaking for Leadership: 3 Key Body Language Techniques

How to Improve Your Vocal Presence on the Phone

How to Woo an Audience and Move People to Action!

How Video Can Transform Your Public Speaking

6 Ways to Nail Your Next Business Presentation

7 Ways to Be a More Exciting Public Speaker

A Peek Inside My Public Speaking Toolbox

7 Secrets for Delivering Blockbuster Presentations

How to Speak the Language of Business Presentations

Great Speaking? — It's About Performance Over Content!

Speech Improvement? — Develop Your Voice Instead!

The Body Language Factor: Moving Audiences to "Wow!"

3 Secret Ingredients of Crafting a Great Speech

Create a Blockbuster Speech Using this Approach

How to Move an Audience in Public Speaking

Are You an Authentic Speaker? - 5 Ways to Boost Your Credibility

Stressed Out Over Public Speaking? — Embrace It!

On-Stage Magic: How to Transform Your Public Speaking

How to Speak with Impact in Business Presentations

The Public Speaking Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright

Starting a Speech: How to Avoid this Common Mistake

Body Language Secrets Every Presenter Needs to Know

In the Spotlight: Speaking Skills for Emerging Leaders

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Acting Skills for Business: The Art of Persuasion

How to Speak Like a Leader: 5 Skills You Need to Master

How to Use Your Voice to Convince Others

Body Language Tips to be a More Expressive Speaker

How to Use Emotions in Public Speaking

What to Say to Overcome Audience Resistance

How to Use Natural Body Language in Public Speaking

Want Credibility as a Speaker? — Learn How to Handle Q & A!

5 Ways to Be an Extraordinary Speaker in 2015

5 Bad Public Speaking Habits to Break in 2015

Six Magic Words for More Effective Presentations

The Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2014

101 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Your Next Interview

Are You a Fearless Speaker? — Here’s How to Be!

How to Be the Best Speaker in Your Company!

How to Use Videotape to Boost Your Speaking Credibility and Charisma

Body Language for Public Speaking Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

The Most Powerful Storytelling Technique for Public Speaking

The 12 Riskiest Behaviors in a Business Presentation

Rock Your Talk! — Performance Tips for Speaking to Large Audiences

7 Bad Public Speaking Habits: Are You Guilty?

Want to Tell Great Stories as a Speaker? — Here's How!

Body Language and Power Poses: How to Achieve Amazing Presence!

Want Knock 'Em Dead Presentation Skills? — Use this "Power Warm-Up"!

The Best Prescription for Fear of Public Speaking? — Tough Love!

A Speech That Will Break Your Heart . . . and Make You Smile

Abraham Lincoln and Stage Fright: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Body Language and Public Speaking: Connecting Movement to Message

Body Language and Leadership Qualities: Do You Show the Right Stuff?

Presence! — 3 Ways to Become a More Exciting Speaker

Interaction! — It's the Soul of a Great Presentation

Speak to Be Heard: Developing a More Powerful Voice

The PowerPoint Waltz: Certain Death in 5 Easy Steps!

12 Ingredients of a Great Commencement Address

For Public Speaking Success, Aim for Truth Not Excellence!

Trust Your Intuition to Be a Better Speaker

An Actor's Secrets for Great Business Presentations

Emotion in Public Speaking: Why It Matters

Speaking Smart: How to Use Your Voice to Persuade Others

Genard Method of Performance-Based Public Speaking Training

Focus and Mindfulness Exercises for Fear of Public Speaking

Body Language Can Help Eliminate Your Speaking Fear

Speaking Fear? — Turn Negative Self-Talk into Positive Thinking!

The Body Language Rules for More Powerful Public Speaking

Body Language: What Are You Revealing When You Speak?

Energize Your Public Speaking! — The Simple Art of Breathing

Are You Ready for the Future of Business Communication?

An Actor's Focusing Technique to Improve Your Public Speaking

To Increase Your Influence, Learn to Love Public Speaking

Focus! — Why It's the Public Speaking Tool You Need to Master

Positive Thinking Is Your Golden Key to Speaking Like a Star!

Silence! — 5 Ways to Use This Powerful Public Speaking Tool

Jesus of Nazareth: The World's Greatest Speaker

50 Easy Ways to Be Better at Public Speaking

PowerPoint: How to Design and Deliver an Amazing Presentation

Wow 'Em! — How to Capture and Keep Your Audience's Attention

Fear of Speaking: How Your Body Reacts and What to Do About It

Mindfulness: A Key Skill in Effective Public Speaking

Voice of a Leader: 3 Key Public Speaking Skills for Leadership

5 Powerful Ways Body Language Can Make You a Better Speaker

Dread Public Speaking? — 10 Easy Ways to Handle Your Fear!

Mark Twain's Best Quotes and How to Use Them in Public Speaking

Voices of Leadership: Why CEOs Need Speech Coaching

Public Speaking Tips: Silence is One of Your Most Powerful Tools

Interview Skills: 3 Easy Ways to Ace In-Person and Phone Interviews

Stage Fright? — Here's a Solution You Won't Believe!

Tiger Woods's Lesson on Body Language in Public Speaking

How to Conduct an Interview: 10 Best Practices

Your Performance Persona: Your Key to Great Public Speaking

To Be a Public Speaking Rock Star, Use These Killer "Apps"!

Public Speaking and Leadership: How to Inspire an Audience

Gettysburg Address: America's Greatest Speech and Why It Endures

How Your Right Brain Can Make You an Exciting Public Speaker

Want Stage Presence as a Speaker? Use These Actors' Secrets!

Honesty: The Winning Formula for Effective Public Speaking

PowerPoint Skills: Presenting to One Person or Using a Single Slide

Presentation Skills: Vocal Techniques that Add Color to Your Speech

For Killer Public Speaking Skills, Use These Key Checklists!

To Give a Killer Presentation, Take Your Audience on a Journey

Persuasion in Public Speaking Means Shaping Your Message

Body Language for Public Speaking: How to Gesture Naturally

Successful Business Speakers Know This Secret—Do You?

Move and Inspire Listeners with these Key Communication Skills

How to Use Positive Self-Talk for Successful Public Speaking

"What If?" — A Magic Formula to Transform Your Public Speaking

Do You Speak with Charisma? — Here are 3 Ways You Can!

Is This How You Sound? — Your Voice and Business Success

Persuade! — How to Use Body Language in a Persuasive Speech

Speak for Career Success! — The Top 5 Communication Skills

How to Measure Success in Business Presentations and Meetings

Business Communication Skills: Developing a Persuasive Voice

The Strange Body Language Truth Every Speaker Needs to Know

10 Techniques for Moving Your Audiences in Public Speaking

Can Speaking Fear Enhance Your Performance? Sure. Here's How!

Speak Too Quickly? — 3 Exercises for Effective Presentations

Beyond PowerPoint: 3 Key Steps to Influencing Your Audience

Stress Reduction: Relaxation Techniques for Public Speaking

Cat-and-Mouse: Are Your Speaking Skills Authentic or Cheesy?

For Powerful Speaking, Learn How to Bring Your Ideas to Life

20 Ways Body Language Can Make You a Better Speaker

Do You Smile Enough? It's Essential for Effective Presentations!

For Public Speaking Success, Ask the Right Questions!

Four Simple Language Tools for More Powerful Presentations

Want More Charisma as a Public Speaker? — Use Sound Bites!

4 Damaging Myths that Can Worsen Fear of Public Speaking

Speak for Business! — 5 Vocal Skills for Influencing Audiences

Communication Skills: 4 Ways to Achieve Perfect Clarity

Body Language for Public Speaking: 6 Skills Building Exercises

Lead with Your Heart to Move Audiences in Public Speaking

4 Reasons Why Q & A Is a Presentation Tool You Need to Master

Speak with Impact: How to Make Your Case in 30 Seconds or Less

Getting to "Wow!" —10 Presentation Tips for Effective Meetings

Stage Fright? — 3 "Escape Hatches" for a Panic Attack

Pacing Your Presentation: 6 Tips for Great Communication Skills

Calm Your Nerves: 27 Ways to Banish Pre-Speech Jitters

Want to Be an Inspirational Speaker?—Here's How It's Done!

Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2012

Grading Your Team's Performance in Business Presentations

Secrets of Body Language! — How to Speak with Power

On a Tightrope: 5 Signs You Suffer from "Hidden" Stage Fright

An Actor's Essential (Sneaky) Lesson About Public Speaking

From Panic Attack to Thinking on Your Feet: Here's How It's Done!

Leadership Skills: 12 Easy Ways to Achieve Presence and Charisma

Fear of Public Speaking? – Here's How to Take Action!

Body Language and Energy: 3 Steps to More Powerful Speaking

Public Speaking: 15 Easy Ways to Keep Your Voice Healthy

Sitting or Standing: Which Makes for More Effective Presentations?

Speech Anxiety: Use "Grounding" to Look and Feel More Confident

Use Body Language when Speaking Virtually. You Have To!

Corporate Training in Presentation Skills: Who Should You Use?

The Body Language Rules: 12 Ways to be a More Powerful Speaker

Presentation Skills Training: Assessing Your Organization's Needs

Want to Promote Your Business? Learn Public Speaking!

Body Language Mistakes: 5 Ways to Destroy Your Own Message

Fear of Public Speaking? — How to Overcome Panic Attacks

How to Overcome Resistance Communicating with Your Boss

Public Speaking: What Can You Learn from Elite Athletes?

Winning Hearts and Minds: Obama's Convention Speech

The Power of a Speech: What Mitt Romney Can Do To Connect

Why You Should Conduct an Audience Analysis for Business Presentations

Overcoming Speech Problems in Business: 7 Key Techniques

Tailor Your Content to Your Audience to Achieve Influence

Public Speaking Training: 10 Ways to Win Gold for Your Presentation

Vocal Techniques for Business: How to Speak at Your Best

For Personal Branding, Ditch Those Mediocre Public Speaking Skills!

The Body Language of Power: How to Gain Status and Confidence

Pitching for Entrepreneurs and Others: How to Be a Dynamic Speaker

Uh, Er, Like . . . Is It Time to Call in the Speech Coach?

Organizing a Presentation: 3 Key Steps for Business Success

Theater-Based Techniques for Business Training (Part Two)

Theater-Based Techniques for Business Training (Part One)

How to Get a Business Audience to Retain Your Key Message

4 Dangerous Myths that Will Hurt Your Public Speaking

Mark Zuckerberg: How Good a Communicator Is Under That Hoodie?

Public Enemy #1 of Effective Presentations: Multitasking

To Conquer Fear of Public Speaking, Here's True 'Inspiration'

For Public Speaking "Magic," Speak for the Ear Not the Eye

Smart Speakers Use this Technique to Persuade Listeners. Do You?

Interpersonal Skills: 7 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Public Speaking Skills: How to Give a 'Command Performance'

Leadership Skills: 3 Ways to Make Yourself a Powerful Speaker

How to Survive an Encounter with a Dangerous . . . Podium!

PowerPoint? -- Learn this Skill if You Want to Succeed!

Use This Amazing Technique to Boost Your Communication Skills

For Success in Speaking, Don't Be Without this Essential Tool!

For Effective Speaking, Put Stories in Your Presentation Toolbox

Communication Skills: 4 Ways to Achieve Vocal Power

Performing with Grace: The Lesson of "The Hunger Games"

The 7 Danger Zones of Q & A: Surviving for Effective Communication

Don't Give Fear an Opportunity: Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Toasts, Awards & Testimonials: Speaking on Special Occasions

Curtain Up! — Adding Drama to Your Speeches and Presentations

Built to Last: 4 Classic Formats for Organizing a Presentation

"Should I Start Out with a Joke?" -- Well, Should You?

Politics and the Art of the Performance: A Challenge to Campaigns

"What Should I Do with My Hands?" -- How to Gesture Naturally

The Four Golden Rules for Using PowerPoint

Q & A: The Perfect Strategic Tool for Effective Public Speaking

To Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking, Get Your Body Into the Act

The World's Most Powerful Tool for Persuading Audiences

Speaking for Leadership: How to Motivate an Audience

Public Speaking Fear? -- The Key to Speaking with Confidence

Medical Malpractice & More: What Healthcare Communication Needs

Need a Memorable Pitch? Here Are 3 Key Steps for Success!

Dealing with Resistance Needs More than Good Presentation Skills

Pure Emotion: A Politician Lets Us Hear His Heart in His Voice

Developing an Effective Voice for Business Communication

Don't Be Such an Executive! -- Public Speaking Skills for Leadership

Mitt Romney, the GOP, and Saving America for Under $10,000

Corzine Dances Softly in Testimony Only a Lawyer Could Love

How to Use Natural, Strong Gestures in Public Speaking

Bill Clinton's Secret: Compelling Body Language

Powerful Presentation Skills: A Key to Business Success

Use This Body Language Tip to Speak with Power and Authority

For Executive Presence and Leadership, Move When You Speak!

Effective Communication = Great Content, Spoken Well

For a Persuasive Speech, Use Emotional Language

Rick Perry and "Oops!": How to Recover from a Brain Freeze

How to Have a "Dialogue" with Your Audience

Audiences Want the Real You, Not a Polished Speaker

Responsible Speaking Means Caring About Your Audience

Want to Conquer Stage Fright? Here's Good News!

Use Body Language to Appear Confident as a Speaker

For Motivational Speaking, Know Your Audience

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