What Our Clients Say

"Speak at Your Best!™ is a remarkable workshop. Your passion, insights and your very effective way to challenge each one of us on our global marketing team to give his/her best has been fantastic. The positive effect of the workshop has been immediate and very visible, as we all see examples of it every day."

Dr. Dirk Mortiz, VP Global Strategic Marketing, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

“We asked Gary to host our Executive Committee for a one-day workshop on public speaking and presentation. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious and the lessons and approaches he instilled in our officers has inspired a level of quality and professionalism that has served our organization well as we grow and develop important partnerships around the globe.”

Dr. Arny Bereson, Executive Director, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc.

“Gary provided a useful, customized, series of one-on-one sessions, partnering with me to help me be more successful in presentations, public speaking, and general professional self-awareness. He provided objective feedback on my progress and insight into how it would be perceived. The videotaping sessions showed progress as I experimented with different techniques -- opening my eyes to mannerism and tone issues. One valuable exercise helped me test myself in a conflict situation, with ambiguous details, allowing me react on the spot (thinking on my feet), in a clear, confident way, so I don't look flustered or uncertain. Overall Gary's techniques have helped me with self-awareness and confidence, making me a more effective speaker and leader.”

Jim Bryce, Data Operations Manager at McKinsey Hospital Institute

"I delivered the presentation today to get everyone excited on the new strategy, using the tools you taught me. Two things happened: People came up to me afterward and said how excited they were. Goal achieved! And one person on our leadership team said it was the best presentation they had seen me give. I just want to say thank you!"

Josh Clemence, President, EnvirOx, LLC

“The contemporary world depends upon global communications, and being able to deliver confident and authentic messages to our clients and shareholders is key to our success. Dr. Gary Genard’s Leadership Communication seminar helped UDC’s leadership team add to their expertise in public speaking and media appearances for global audiences. This knowledge will help us retain the invaluable trust of our clients, and reach out to all our investors around the globe with clarity and dependability.”

Elie Jubran, Director of Marketing and Communications
United Development Company, Doha, Qatar

“Gary has a mix of attributes that make him a very powerful speaking coach. First, he is knowledgeable having spent many years as a professional actor. Second, he is pleasantly disarming and has the ability to put one at ease almost immediately. Thirdly, he delivers critiques in the most incisive way. It is easy for one to hear, internalize and act on his feedback. I recommend him most highly.”

Joe Kvedar M.D., Director, Center for Connected Health at Partners Health Care

“I’ve been in the management field 30 years. I learned things in your Leadership and Media Training workshop that no one else covered. The techniques you presented were easy to grasp, practical, and clearly work.”

Rick Alampi, Executive Director, American Association of Feline Practitioners

“Your two-day Media Training seminar, and especially your Media Interview Handbook™, are both excellent. I think your acting background is an asset and public speaking skills transcend specific fields. I appreciated the care and information that you brought to share with us. Thank you.”

Public Affairs Officer, U.S. State Department

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