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My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2022

My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2022

Ready to transform your speeches, presentations, and meetings in 2023? Here's some help: my Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2022.

Well, it's 2023. Let's bid a not-so-fond farewell to the communication embarrassment that was 2022. Our political discourse continues to spiral download in a tailspin of lies, stupidity, and Newspeak. We can only hope that in the coming year, the worlds of business, nonprofits, religion, and other worthwhile human endeavor will deliver effective speeches, presentations, sermons, and the like.

We certainly need it . . . right this very minute, and throughout the coming year.

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As always in Speak for Success, here's a list of my 10 most popular blogs of the preceding year. Feel free to follow the links below to any blog that piques your interest, or to review articles you may have read months ago. As always, a heartfelt thanks for your interest. Go, 2023!

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#10  How to Deal With a Dominant Person When You're Presenting

You often have to deliver remarks or presentations to your boss or senior management. Want a way to become less flustered? To help you at this great opportunity (really!) to do well, here are four ways to be on top of your game when it really matters.

#9  What Should Your Opening and Closing PowerPoint Slides Look Like?

Are your presentation slides as effective as possible? Here's some advice on what your opening and closing PowerPoint slides should look like. After all, you need the know the rules for succeeding with PowerPoint.

#8  How To Have A Conversation With Audiences And Get Them To Like You

Now, here's a concept: actually having a conversation with listeners so you can connect with them more strongly. That helps you to know how to be a clear, concise, and compelling speaker. Remember: your ability to engage and activate audiences is as important as your data!

#7  Do You Think Too Much? — Learn How To Speak On The Moment

Do your ideas sometimes bubble up faster than you can speak? Speaking fluently at the right moment is a key communication skill in meetings, speeches, and conversations. This article is all about how to harness the power of your mind. It's part of knowing how to captivate audiences.

 #6  How To Think On Your Feet: Speak Effectively Under Pressure

Part of speaking success is knowing how to think on your feet—especially under pressure. Anyone can give a decent presentation. But do you know how to survive the 7 Danger Zones of Q & A? Read this piece for two key exercises that will help when things get fast and furious.

#5  Want To Be More Persuasive With Audiences? Use This Simple Technique!

Persuasion. Is there any more important result in meetings, pitches, and presentations? When you're persuasive, everything comes more easily . . . including promotions. Learn how to speak for leadership, and ways to punch audiences in the gut (in a good way!).

#4  The Best Way To Prepare And Practice A Presentation

Are you too busy putting together your slide deck or spreadsheet to prepare the right way? Solid preparation and practice are key to succeeding with an audience. Why just deliver information when you can learn the secrets of high-impact speaking for success?

#3  How To Be A Smarter Presenter When It Comes To Using PowerPoint

If I may offer advice (gee, I do that a lot, don't I?): become a smarter presenter with PowerPoint. Are you a plain vanilla user? My system for presenting with PowerPoint is original and powerful, with a couple of great secrets. Use it to discover how to achieve presence and charisma.

#2  Body Language: How To Look Great In Virtual Meetings

Want to develop more influence online? Here are some essential body language tips on how to look great in virtual meetings. These days, that matters more than ever. Gain confidence, boost your presentation skills, and acquire virtual presence in online meetings.

And here's the blog you liked best in 2022:

#1  Nervous Body Language: The Top 10 Signs You're Showing It

Let's face it: no one wants to look nervous in the spotlight. So, here is my guide to 'Nervous Body Language,' and the top 10 signs you're showing it. And here's a companion piece: my Free White PaperThe Body Language Rules: 12 Ways To Be a More Powerful Speaker.

A sincere "Thank you!" for reading the Speak for Success blog over the past year. Remember, you can find all my books, Learning Guides, and audio products—along with lots of free resources—at and my author website And of course you'll find all my books here on Amazon.

Keep up the great speaking! I look forward to seeing you again soon. 

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