Group Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills training from The Genard Method improves public speaking for business.

Speak at Your Best to stakeholders!

Speak at Your Best! is The Genard Method’s one- or two-day on-site presentation training. This practical workshop empowers teams, departments, boards, business units, or your full staff. Develop the performance skills to engage, persuade, and activate stakeholders. You'll learn theater-based techniques to command the stage and deliver your message with impact.

Dr. Gary Genard provides your staff with a “speaker's toolbox” of best practices in communication for leadership. Learning modules are combined with videotaped presentation practice and feedback for optimum skills development. The two-day version of this workshop includes private 1:1 speech coaching sessions for attendees on Day Two. Training materials include Dr. Genard’s Speak at Your Best! Workbook and his book How to Give a Speech.

Who will benefit 

Speak at Your Best! is ideal for employees who are client- or patient facing, who speak at meetings, who market or sell on behalf of your organization, or who appear at conferences and industry events. (For our program for senior-level executives and teams, please see Voices of Leadership. For 1:1 executive-level speech coaching, see Executive Presentation Skills.) 

"The “Speak at Your Best!” workshop allowed a room full of anxious presenters to learn valuable tools for delivering effective and engaging presentations.  Dr. Genard’s proven method for teaching speech presentation skills was extremely beneficial to our team.  His small class size, use of examples, and video of presentations truly allowed each participant to learn how to be an effective presenter." 

Stacy Murray, Chief Accounting Officer, Azure Midstream

One-Day Group Workshop Agenda

Module 1: Creating Successful Presentations

  • Organization and preparation
  • Action goals and assessing your performance
  • Delivery skills: focus and presence
  • Presentation Gold: 6 Rules for Succeeding with PowerPoint

Module 2: Achieving Influence with Audiences

  • Analyzing your audience
  • Deciding on your specific purpose
  • Engaging your listeners
  • Leadership Skills: 10 Ways to Stay Fully Focused when Speaking

Module 3: How to Develop and Tell Your Story

  • Storytelling and using metaphors
  • Tailoring your content to your audience
  • Speaking with clarity and conciseness

Module 4: The 7 Components of Great Presentations

  • Greeting
  • Grabber
  • Launching your speech
  • Main points with evidence
  • Vivid and visual language
  • Transitions
  • Clincher

Module 5: Understanding Body Language

  • Audience perceptions: visuals, vocals, and content
  • 5 Secrets of Powerful Body Language
  • Movement, gestures, and using space

Module 6: Vocal Dynamics

  • 5 Key Tools of Vocal Dynamics
  • Power and projection: How to speak with authority
  • Using your voice to influence others
  • Bringing your content to life

Module 7: Handling Q & A and Challenges

  • The 7 Danger Zones of Q & A
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Dealing with resistance

Module 8: Speaking Virtually

  • 6 Ways to Speak with Impact in Webinars and Virtual Presentations
  • Teleconferences and video conferences
  • How to conduct a successful webinar

Follow-Up and Ongoing Learning

Ongoing learning and post-course training is available through phone consultations and in-person meetings, Skype sessions, and review of video clips of your speeches and presentations. Clients also benefit from the insights in Dr. Genard’s blog Speak for Success!, monthly newsletter, free learning resources, and publications.

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