Executive Speech Coaching 

The Genard Method's executive presentation skills training.

Live Zoom 1:1 video coaching for executives worldwide.

Improve your public speaking for business!

Are you maximizing your influence and personal brand? Your expertise has taken you this far. But now you're speaking on bigger stages or to key decision-makers. You need performance coaching to excel in the oral arena—the place where everyone sees and judges who you are. Our Online Executive Speech Coaching Program gives you the tools to excel in this high-visibility role.

You’ll be coached by internationally recognized speech expert Dr. Gary Genard. Join top management who've received this coaching at multinationals, in healthcare/bio-pharma, finance, government, the United Nations, and emerging technology firms. Your personal program will be customized to your needs, goals, and speaking applications. Learn theater-based techniques that will transform your emotional connection and impact. Be the speaker people believe in.

Work with "One of the World's Top 30 Communication Professionals"* in face-to-face interactions, in-person or online! 

Global Gurus, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

“I recently spoke at the White House as part of the Global Connectivity Initiative for 2020. Your speech coaching has brought a new level of calmness, thoughtfulness and professionalism to my career. Thank you!”

Michael Murray, General Manager of Industrial Sensing, Analog Devices

Live 1:1 Coaching via Zoom

Dr. Genard currently offers Executive Speech Coaching as an online program consisting of 10 live, one-hour 1:1 Zoom video coaching sessions with him. The standard program consists of one meeting per week over a 10-week period. These are intensive, confidential, hands-on sessions focusing on the individual client's needs and include extensive practice and screen recordings. 

Following an assessment, activities and assignments will be customized to match your needs and goals. Materials include Dr. Genard’s Executive Speech Coaching Handbook and his books How to Give a Speech and Fearless Speaking. Expert critiques and feedback from practice presentations is a core component of this course.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Speaking to Engage and Persuade

  • Analyzing your audience
  • Being clear on your purpose
  • Creating content to achieve that purpose
  • The C.U.R.E. Method of persuasion
  • Achieving power and presence in video meetings

Module 2: Developing Your Message

  • Writing vs. speaking
  • Using logic and language
  • Clarity and conciseness

Module 3: Breathing, Relaxation, and Focus

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Calming your nerves
  • Stage presence and achieving 100% focus

Module 4: How to Start and End a Speech

  • The Grabber: Launching your speech
  • The Clincher: Ending vividly and memorably

Module 5: Voice and Speech Improvement

  • Vocal expressiveness: energy, pitch, pacing, and silence
  • Using your voice to influence others
  • Bringing your content to life

Module 6: Body Language

  • Stance, movement and gestures
  • How to command a stage
  • Achieving physical expression

Module 7: Storytelling, Poise, and Presence

  • Becoming a passionate speaker
  • Storytelling
  • Speaking with maximum focus and discipline
  • Using metaphors, comparisons and anecdotes
  • Proficiency with PowerPoint, notes, or a manuscript

Module 8: Handling Q & A and Challenges

  • The 7 Danger Zones of Q & A
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Dealing with resistance, challenges, and tough questions

Final Assessment and Follow-Up

Recommendations for continued individual improvement are provided at the end of the course. Follow-up and ongoing learning is available through telephone, Skype, or in-person sessions. You can also continue to learn through Dr. Genard’s blog Speak for Success!, monthly newsletter, videos, free resources on this website and publications. Review and critique by Dr. Genard of your videotaped speech or presentation is also available.

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