Voice and Speech Improvement

voice and speech improvement

Live Zoom 1:1 video coaching for executives worldwide.

Improve your speech for business!

Want to speak with greater influence and success? Interested in improving your vocal skills or overcoming speech problems? If you speak professionally, Dr. Gary Genard's Voice and Speech Improvement will help you develop and strengthen your most important communication asset: your speaking ability. Work with "One of the World's Top 30 Communication Professionals"* in face-to-face interactions, in-person or online! 

Your skill in conversations, meetings, and presentations is the key to your influence and impact, whatever your industry. There is no more essential tool than the ability to communicate clearly and concisely and to deliver your message eloquently. The Genard Method uses the performance-based techniques of actors to bring you to that level of speaking impact.

Dr. Genard’s work as an actor, professor of Voice and Diction, and speech coach provides a robust “toolbox” of approaches that introduce you to an entirely new level of speaking excellence. Topics include not only speech production but also projecting a strong and resonant voice, achieving the sound of authority, confidence in oral performance, and speaking for leadership. Common vocal problems and weaknesses are also addressed.

Coaching Options: In-Person or Online

Voice and Speech Improvement features 10 hours of private speech coaching with Dr. Gary Genard in our Boston office. Choose from the following course options:

  • Standard Program (eight 75-minute weekly sessions)
  • Accelerated Program (four 2.5-hour sessions)
  • Two-Day Intensive Workshop (5 hours per day on 2 consecutive days)
  • The ONLINE COURSE is offered as 10 live one-hour 1:1 Zoom video coaching sessions.

Following an initial assessment, instruction and exercises are customized to your needs and speaking goals. Audio taping and videotaping with critiques are used throughout the course. Textbooks include Dr. Genard’s Using the Voice Workbook, his book How to Give a Speech, and Kenneth Crannell’s book Voice and Articulation.

Global Gurus, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: The Power of Your Voice

  • How your voice influences others
  • Creating an emotional response in your listeners
  • Producing a strong and resonant sound
  • Adding power and projection

Module 2: The Five Tools of Expressiveness

  • Emphasis
  • Pitch variety
  • Pacing
  • Pauses and silence
  • Vocal quality

Module 3: Breathing for Speech

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Breathing for relaxation and calmness
  • Controlled exhalation to emphasize important words

Module 4: Credibility and Authority

  • Finding your optimal pitch
  • Using your full pitch range
  • Speaking with the sound of authority

Module 5: Polish and Professionalism

  • Enunciation
  • Word choices and using metaphors
  • Storytelling
  • Conciseness
  • English as a second language/Accent reduction
  • Vocal warm-ups

Module 6: Melody and Meaning

  • Coloration and the music of the language
  • Using the voice to express meaning
  • Achieving vocal expressiveness

Module 7: Overcoming Vocal Problems

  • Vocal fillers (“uh,” “um,” “like”)
  • Rapid speech rate
  • Breathlessness or its opposite
  • Monotonous delivery
  • Pronunciation issues and poor use of language
  • Strengthening an under-energized voice
  • Softening a too-harsh speaking style

Module 8: Boosting Your Professional Presence

  • Sounding nervous vs. confident
  • Achieving a warmer and more pleasant sound
  • Speaking with power to large audiences
  • Getting listeners to stay engaged
  • Conveying emotion
  • Vocal skills for speaking virtually and on the phone
  • Practice sessions using on-the-job simulations

Final Assessment and Follow-Up

Individualized recommendations for continued improvement are provided at the end of the course. Ongoing learning is available through brief “tune-up lessons” in person or remotely, phone consultations, review and critique of your videotaped presentations, Dr. Genard’s blog Speak for Success!, free resources, and publications. 

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