Voice and Speech Improvement

voice and speech improvement

Live 1:1 Zoom video coaching for executives worldwide.

Improve your speech for business!

Want to speak with greater influence and success? Need to improve your vocal skills or overcome speech problems? My Voice and Speech Improvement Course will strengthen your greatest professional asset: your spoken communication skills.

Work with the speech coach Global Gurus calls for the ninth consecutive year in 2022, "One of the World's Top 30 Communication Professionals," and whose Method has been voted among the Top Ten Speech Training Programs in the World. (Click here to see my book on speaking dynamically in virtual meetings: Speaking Virtually.

Ready to boost your confidence and impact?

Your skill in conveying your ideas is the key to your influence. Whether live or virtually, speak more clearly and concisely as you reach the next level of excellence. Join leaders in business, healthcare and bio-pharma, finance, government, high-tech, at the United Nations, and the U.S. Congress and State Department who have taken my training. (Read my bio here.) 

As an actor, professor of Voice and Diction, and speech coach, I understand the production and performance of a dynamic voice. You'll get a toolbox of techniques that will allow your vocal skills to soar. Discover how to achieve the sound of authority, gain confidence, and overcome vocal deficits. Speak for leadership in your organization and industry! 

My Online Executive Coaching Course

The Voice and Speech Improvement Course consists of 10 live one-hour 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions. Following an initial assessment, I customize my instruction and exercises based on your needs and goals. We'll use screen recordings as well as constant practice with feedback. The textbooks are my Using the Voice Workbook and my book How to Give a Speech.

Online Training — Course Syllabus

Module 1: The Power of Your Voice

  • How your voice influences others
  • Creating an emotional response in your listeners
  • Producing a strong and resonant sound
  • Adding power and projection
  • Maximizing your influence in the virtual environment

Module 2: The Five Tools of Expressiveness

  • Energy and emphasis
  • Pitch variety
  • Pacing
  • Pauses and silence
  • Vocal quality

Module 3: Breathing for Speech

  • Diaphragmatic breathing and the healthy voice
  • Breathing for relaxation, calmness, and focus
  • Sustaining the sound to highlight important ideas
  • My Fearless Speaking TM breathing techniques to overcome anxiety

Module 4: Credibility and Authority

  • Finding your optimal pitch
  • Using your full vocal range
  • Attaining the sound of authority
  • Personalizing your webcam and microphone for warmth and credibility

Module 5: Polish and Professionalism

  • Improving your enunciation
  • Using metaphors and comparative language 
  • Storytelling to humanize ideas and data
  • Gaining clarity and conciseness
  • Vocal warm-ups for a healthy and flexible voice

Module 6: Melody and Meaning

  • Coloration and the music of the language
  • Using the voice to express meaning
  • Achieving full vocal expressiveness

Module 7: Overcoming Vocal Problems

  • Eliminating vocal fillers (“uh,” “um,” “like”)
  • Rapid speech rate
  • Breathlessness or its opposite
  • Monotonous delivery
  • Pronunciation issues and poor use of language
  • Strengthening an under-energized voice
  • Softening a too-harsh speaking style

Module 8: Boosting Your Professional Presence

  • Sounding nervous vs. confident
  • Achieving a warmer and more pleasant sound
  • Speaking with power to large audiences
  • Getting listeners to stay engaged
  • Conveying emotion
  • Vocal skills for speaking virtually and on the phone
  • Practice sessions using on-the-job simulations

Final Assessment and Follow-Up

Based on our work together, I'll provide you with my ideas for continued improvement after you've completed the course. You can also choose continuing training and practice through our extended coaching programs. Other learning resources include my Speak for Success! blog, monthly newsletter, videos, and free resources on this website and publications. I'm also available to review and critique you or your team's videotaped or screen-recorded presentations or speeches.

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