Persuade. Inspire. Lead.

Want to transform your ability to speak with impact? Ready to command your presentation, sales pitch, or keynote? Actor and speech coach Gary Genard will show you or your team how to speak for leadership. Engage and activate listeners using voice, body language, storytelling, and emotions. Stand out for all the right reasons. Be an extraordinary communicator.   

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Executive Coaching


Work with speech coach Dr. Gary Genard to transform your speaking abilities. From executive presentations to keynotes to leadership communication, maximize your impact and influence. Programs offered include 1:1 speech coaching, on-site training for leadership teams, and preparation for high-profile appearances. 

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Corporate Training


Give your team the training they need to speak with confidence and success. From presentations to meetings to phone conferences and webinars, communicate your message clearly and compellingly.
On-site programs for employee groups and leadership teams will build your ability to engage and activate key audiences.

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Fearless Speaking™


Learn powerful techniques to overcome fear of public speaking in Dr. Gary Genard's customized coaching program. His holistic approach will help you change your negative thinking, relieve your physical symptoms, and improve your focus and control.  This program also features skills for more dynamic speaking.

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Your Portable Speech Coach!

Read a chapter from Gary Genard's second expanded edition of his classic public speaking handbook. Available in print, e-book, and audiobook. 

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Gary's Latest Blog Posts

"Oops!" ― 5 Ways to Recover from a Brain Freeze in a Presentation
Aug 18, 2019 by Gary Genard

Had a brain freeze while presenting? Don't worry―your career isn't over. Here are 5 ways to keep your composure and get back in the game!

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How to Make an Audience Fall in Love with You
How to Make an Audience Fall in Love with You
Aug 11, 2019 by Gary Genard

Do you want audiences to adore you? They may, if you meet their needs! Here's how to make an audience fall in love with you.

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Are Your Conference Speakers Ready for Prime Time?
Are Your Conference Speakers Ready for Prime Time?
Aug 6, 2019 by Gary Genard

Are the speakers for your upcoming conference or annual meeting ready for prime time? Speaker training will help get them there quickly! 

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