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Welcome to our resource library featuring Dr. Gary Genard’s tips and insights for becoming an extraordinary speaker. All the content you'll find here is FREE and DOWNLOADABLE.  Whether you’re a seasoned or novice speaker, you’ll find techniques to add to your toolkit for more effective and influential speaking. Enjoy! 

500x700px Cover 7 Ways to Speak Concisely

Get ready to have maximum impact when you speak!

Let's face it: the more vital your message, the more it has to be delivered clearly and concisely. That's especially true when you speak to leadership.  Learn how to maintain laser-focus to achieve your speaking goal, including when to stop talking. Stay on the beam for speaking brilliance! 


COVER How toGive a Speech FREE CHAPTER

Free Chapter of the Public Speaking Handbook!

Ready to become a more confident and successful speaker? Grab this free chapter of Dr. Gary Genard's How to Give a Speech. Discover acting secrets for great public speaking as you master stage presence for business presentations! 

GENARD 500x700px Thumb How to Calm Nerves

How to Calm Your Nerves Before Speaking [Cheat Sheet]

Want to be in “The Zone” when you speak—relaxed yet completely focused? Learn how to be a confident, calm, yet compelling speaker!

GENARD 500x700px Cover_ Six Rules of Public Speaking

6 Rules of Effective Public Speaking [Guide]

Great speakers understand intuitively how to engage and move audiences. To join their ranks, learn how following these "Six Rules" will lead to your success!  

500x700px One Habit Better Speaker (1)

The One Habit That Will Make You a Better Speaker [Article]

How do you know if people really hear what you’re saying? To get the answer, you need to ask yourself: “Is my voice interesting enough to move and inspire listeners?” Tap into the power of your most versatile and persuasive communication tool. Discover how to enrich the way you talk to stakeholders through great vocal habits.

Cover High-Impact Speaking Image

HIGH-IMPACT SPEAKING: The Leader's Guide to Presenting with Integrity and Influence [E-Book]

When you're in the spotlight, stakeholders make judgments about you based on how you look, sound, and command the stage. Raise the bar on your performance as you learn the 7 essential qualities of great business communication. 

20 Ways to Connect with an Audience

20 Ways to Connect with an Audience

Ready to go beyond delivering information to get on your audience's wavelength?  Download Dr. Gary Genard's Free Presenter's Guide featuring 20 ways to connect with an audience for lasting influence!

Cover Essential Speaking Tips for Video Conferences

Essential Speaking Tips for Video Conferences

Virtual business meetings have become a way of life.  In his new e-guide, executive speech coach Gary Genard shares tips and insights on looking and sounding good in video conferences. Discover best practices to communicate online with ease and confidence!

500x700px Cover Body Language 6 Skills Building Exercises

Body Language for Public Speaking: 6 Skills Building Exercises [Cheat Sheet]

Project full confidence as a speaker.  Learn six critical tools to help you use body language effectively while boosting your stage presence and charisma. Add these techniques to your arsenal of best practices for successful speeches and presentations

GENARD 500x700px Cover Body Language Rules

The Body Language Rules: 12 Ways to be a More Powerful Speaker [Guide]

Does body language matter when you speak in public? You'd better believe it! Here's how to boost your influence through your nonverbal communication.

300x400 Stage Fright

10 Fast an Effective Ways to Overcome Stage Fright [Cheat Sheet]

Learning to love speaking in public may seem like a distant goal. But it’s actually closer than you think. Here are 10 “quick fixes” that you can use for practical approaches when stage fright comes to call.


12 Easy Ways to Achieve Presence and Charisma [E-Book]

Need inspiration to speak as a leader? This eBook is specifically concerned with helping you achieve those twin essentials of influence: presence and charisma.  Find ways to build trust an tap your natural talents as a communicator.