Welcome to our resource library featuring Dr. Gary Genard’s tips and insights for becoming an extraordinary speaker. All the content you'll find here is FREE and downloadable.  Whether you’re a seasoned or novice speaker, you’ll find techniques to add to your toolkit for more effective and influential speaking. Enjoy! 


5 Ways to Captivate an Audience

Learn how to speak dynamically and captivate the world’s most important audiences: yours! 


6 Rules of Effective Public Speaking

Great speakers understand intuitively how to engage and move audiences. To join their ranks, learn how following these "Six Rules" will lead to your success!  


How to Calm Your Nerves Before Speaking

Want to be in “The Zone” when you speak—relaxed yet completely focused? Learn how to be a confident, calm, yet compelling speaker!


The Body Language Rules: 12 Ways to be a More Powerful Speaker

Does body language matter when you speak in public? You'd better believe it! Here's how to boost your influence through your nonverbal communication.


5 Rules for Succeeding with PowerPoint

Want to become a PowerPoint rock star? Learn 5 powerful tools for engaging and persuading audiences with PowerPoint!


5 Key Tools of Vocal Dynamics

Skillful use of the voice helps you speak with clarity and credibility. Learn how to strengthen your vocal delivery to move others when you speak.