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Engage, Inspire, and Influence Stakeholders!

You're challenged every day to persuade the audiences that matter—in person and virtually. In sales pitches, internal meetings, client updates, and conferences, panels, and keynotes, you need to present your ideas with influence and impact. Are you and your team up to the task?

We offer virtual training that will revolutionize your organization's presentation skills. As an actor, communications professor, and speech coach, I developed The Genard Method to bring powerful theater-based techniques to business professionals like you who need to perform at their best. You've always been tested when speaking in person. Now, you're challenged in the virtual environment as well. It's why I developed my guide for personal and team success in the virtual worldThe Online Meetings Handbook.

Is your group ready to face both of those challenges?  

“We asked Gary to host our Executive Committee for a one-day workshop on public speaking and presentation. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious and the lessons and approaches he instilled in our officers has inspired a level of quality and professionalism that has served our organization well as we grow and develop important partnerships around the globe.”

Dr. Arny Bereson, Executive Director, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc.

Learn the Secrets of Powerful Presentations

Delivery methods may have changed, but the principles of engaging and effective communication haven't. Our Speak at Your Best! Corporate Training Program, now delivered virtually, will empower your employee or leadership team to speak with a new level of influence. Your sales or data science team, C-suite, senior management, board, or other teams will discover the secrets of speaking with power, poise and professionalism. Executive Speech Coaching is also available to transform your virtual or in-person speaking for business.

Create powerful messages with maximum audience engagement. Craft unbeatable openings and closings. Improve your conciseness, clarity, and vocal expressiveness. Use storytelling, body language, and presence to command any stage—live or virtual—whenever you speak. Workshop activities include role-playing, impromptus, simulations, and screen recordings with expert critiques and feedback. Benefits of the Speak at Your Best! training include:

  • Theater-based skills for transforming your presentation skills and influence.,
  • Telling your company's story compellingly.
  • Succeeding in the virtual environment to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Engaging and keeping an audience's attention like a pro.
  • Raising the speaking competencies of your entire team or company.
  • Boosting employee confidence while dramatically improving performance.
  • Leading prospects, customers, and stakeholders to action.
  • Developing the awareness and "toolbox" to coach and critique each other.
  • Becoming a leader in your industry in conference and event appearances.

Call me today. Let me tell you how you can reach the next level of performance-based effectiveness and success. Be the leading team your group is capable of! 

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