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Live Zoom 1:1 video coaching for executives worldwide!  

Transform Your Business Speaking Skills

Does your skill as a speaker equal your other professional abilities? Communicating successfully is a key driver of organizational and career success. Are you the top-level speaker or presenter you need to be? If you're serious about speaking in business, you need to work with one of the world's leading performance coaches. I can help you in-person at my Greater Boston office, or at your convenience, online via Zoom video meetings.

As a New York and London stage actor and speech coach, I created The Genard Method to produce exceptional business speakers. You won’t learn how to act. But you will discover the world's most powerful techniques for speaking with confidence and credibility. Isn't it time to develop stage presence and influence to stand out in your industry? Does using body language, storytelling, and a dynamic voice to influence stakeholders sound right to you?

Choose Your Executive Coaching Program

The Genard Method offers four 1:1 executive coaching programs, shown in the blue box in the upper right of this page. Choose our comprehensive Executive Presentation Skills Coaching program; Fearless Speaking to overcome fear of public speaking; or Voice and Speech Improvement. If you're preparing for a specific speech or appearance, Presentation Coaching will bring you up to speed in terms of message development, your performance, or both.

Get ready to use theater-based techniques to improve faster than you thought possible! Here are just some of the ways my personalized coaching will help you or your team with my in-person or distance coaching:

  • Developing a performance persona for leadership.
  • Transitioning into a new role with more visibility.
  • Pitching your products, services, or vision.
  • Improving your vocal skills and stage presence.
  • Strengthening your ability to deliver a powerful message.
  • Conquering fear and enjoying public speaking.
  • Job interviews or promotion interviews, with videotaped preparation and practice.
  • Persuasive skills with prospects, customers, clients, and boards.
  • Quarterly earnings calls.
  • Motivating and activating employees and stakeholders.
  • Book tours and publicity campaigns.
  • Using body language and nonverbal communication effectively.
  • Becoming a memorable speaker who reliably produces results.

"This was amazing! You’ve really opened my eyes to areas for improvement. I spoke fearlessly and with much more presence at the conference you prepared me for. In fact, I have never felt better after a presentation. I can’t thank you enough for your help. You are indeed the best!"

Boston physician and researcher

Dr. Genard's In-Person and Online Programs

You can choose in-person coaching at The Genard Method, or online coaching. Either way, you'll be working with me personally. Here are your options:

  • IN-PERSON COACHING at The Genard Method's offices in Belmont, MA (Greater Boston). Our three full programs—Executive Speech Coaching, Fearless Speaking, and Voice and Speech Improvement, are available in the following configurations, each consisting of 10 hours of individualized coaching with me:
    • Standard: Eight 75-minute weekly sessions. For Boston-area professionals.
    • Accelerated: Four 2.5-hour sessions. An alternative scheduling option.
    • Intensive: Two 5-hour sessions on consecutive days. From those outside Massachusetts or international clients.
    • Presentation Coaching for a specific event is available on a short-term basis.
  • ONLINE SPEECH COACHING: All four of my coaching programs above can be delivered exclusively online, through live one-on-one distance coaching sessions using Zoom. Online coaching consists of 10 one-hour video meetings. Choose this option for the convenience, cost savings, and safety involved! 

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Need intensive preparation for an upcoming talk, job interview, or media appearance? We offer short-term Presentation Coaching in addition to the above programs.

Take a look at the blue box at the top of this page to see which program best suits your needs. And if you don't see what you're looking for, let's talk, because executive-level coaching should always be personalized to your career goals. I look forward with pleasure to hearing from you!

Call (617) 993-3410 or contact us to learn more.