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Focus, Clarity, Breathing, Leadership — My Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2021


Want to master great presentation skills in 2022? Maybe this will help: here's a list of my top 10 public speaking blogs in 2021.  

You may not feel much nostalgia for 2021 as the year begins to slide into the rearview mirror.

Me neither.

Still, you probably got better at your job, learned a lot, and perhaps found some personal strength you didn't know you had. And you probably focused on improving your public speaking and overall communication skills. That's a good word, isn't it: focus. In fact, it's in the title of one of my most popular blogs this year.

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Here, as appears at the end of each December, is a list of my 10 most popular blogs of 2021. Feel free to dip into any that pique your interest, or review articles you may have read months ago. As always, thanks for your interest, and here goes 2022!

Actor, speech coach, and speech expert, Dr. Gary Genard.

My Most Popular Public Speaking Blogs of 2021

#10 Make Your Message Come to Life with This Amazing Speaking Technique (March 7)

Want to stand out as a public speaker? Make your message come to life with this amazing speaking technique. Discover the magic of inventing a phrase as you say it!

#9  To Dramatically Improve Your Eye Contact, Use This Public Speaking Technique (July 25)

Eye contact is a key body language skill. To dramatically improve your eye contact, use this quick and easy public speaking technique! With one of my clients, it gave him 90% rock-solid eye contact.

#8  Leadership Skills: How to Persuade Any Audience (May 9)

Key to leadership skills is knowing how to inspire and activate listeners. Scratch any leader and you’ll find someone who knows how to persuade and activate followers. “Leaders speak and speakers lead,” is as true today as it’s ever been. Here are 6 exciting performance-based ways to persuade any audience

#7  7 Presentation Skills Your Boss Wants You to Master (March 14)

Consider any upcoming presentations you'll be giving on behalf of your company or organization. The simple and welcome truth is, your boss wants you to succeed as much as you desire that outcome yourself! So, are your presentations advancing your career? Here are 7 presentation skills to make you speak like a boss . . . that he or she will notice

#6  An Amazing Speaking Trick to Show Leadership (May 23)

Want to show leadership in your pitches, speeches, and presentations? Learn this simple but amazing speaking trick! It will boost your credibility while giving you the sound of leadership.

#5  Are You Clear? How to Be a Concise and Compelling Speaker (April 11)

Are you clear when you speak in person and virtually? And how compelling a speaker are you, anyway? Many presenters fail to come across effectively, not because they don’t know their material or their business. They leave out a crucial ingredient: getting across to one's audience in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. Here's how to do it every time.

#4  How Breathing Can Help Control Your Fear of Public Speaking (March 28)

Do you have fear of public speaking? The loss of control from speech anxiety can be downright scary. For one thing, you can actually forget to breathe! Here's a fast, reliable way to use breathing to overcome stage fright and help control your fear of public speaking.

#3 Leadership Skills: 10 Focusing Techniques for Public Speaking (February 14)

When it comes to leading others, you need to be a skilled public speaker. That has always been true. Yet in today's virtual world, what you say may be heard by millions worldwide. Your ability to be fully, extraordinarily present both in person and virtually is therefore essential. Here are 10 focusing techniques to make you more dynamic and successful.

#2  Do You Go Blank from Public Speaking Anxiety? Do This! (January 10)

We all experience speaking nervousness to some extent. For some speakers, it reaches the level of anxiety, and even a phobia of speaking or outright panic attacks. Perhaps not surprisingly, this occurs in today's virtual communication as it always has in live presentations.  If you experience social anxiety and the phobia known as stage fright, here are four solutions!

And here's the blog you liked best in 2021 . . .

#1  Do You Practice This Winning Communication Skill? (January 3)

The gap between the speech you'd like to give, and the one you actually end up presenting, can be large. There's a good chance that's because you're heading in the wrong direction. Persuading and influencing others is all about reaching people. Here's a winning communication skill to make that happen

Wishing you a safe year and God's blessings in 2022. And of course, amazing public speaking! 

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Learn more about speaking as a leader in my new book, Speak for Leadership, coming in January 2022. Click below or here to pre-order your copy!

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Gary Genard is an actor, author, and expert in public speaking training and overcoming speaking fear. His company, Boston-based The Genard Method offers live 1:1 Zoom executive coaching  and corporate group training worldwide. In 2021 for the eighth consecutive year, Gary has been ranked by Global Gurus as One of the World’s Top 30 Communication ProfessionalsHe is the author of the Amazon Best-Seller How to Give a Speech. His second book, Fearless Speakingwas named in 2019 as "One of the 100 Best Confidence Books of All Time." The Online Meetings Handbook offers strategies and tools for speaking virtually. His latest book Speak for Leadershipcoming in January 2022 shares the secrets of speaking with leadership presence. Pre-order a copyTo know more about TGM's services, Contact Gary.  


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