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Live Zoom team training in online communication skills.

Today your team needs to speak with influence in a world gone virtual. The new reality of constant video meetings isn’t going away. In fact, your staff is speaking online at least as much as they do in person. Virtual meetings are now the way you share vital information with customers, clients, colleagues, and prospects. Does your team excel at them? 

Learn the “new rules” for team success!

Speaking Virtually TM is live Zoom-based team training in online communication skills. Led by actor and speech coach Dr. Gary Genard, these interactive workshops will help your team thrive in all virtual settings. From on-camera set-ups to personalizing a webcam to connecting conversationally, your team will learn and practice being at their best in the virtual environment. Techniques from Dr. Genard’s book The Online Meetings Handbook are combined with individual live presentation practice including expert critiques and feedback. 

Modules in the Online Workshop

Module 1: Speaking Virtually

  • Developing self-confidence for virtual meetings and presentations.
  • How your team can look and sound at their best
  • Presentation skills in the virtual world
  • Speaking with warmth and personality to a webcam
  • 'Think on Your Seat': Exercises for Speaking Under Pressure

Module 2: Achieving Influence with Audiences

  • Analyzing audiences to understand their needs
  • Deciding on your specific purpose
  • Building memorable presentations
  • Engaging meeting attendees online
  • Using body language when speaking virtually

Module 3: Don’t Present — Connect!

  • The 'oral arena' and understanding your job as a speaker
  • How to prepare an engaging and compelling presentation
  • Knowing your goals and assessing your performance
  • How to perform a slide deck effectively
  • Clarity, conciseness, and avoiding wordiness

Module 4: Living in the World of Your Audience

  • Becoming an audience-centered speaker and team
  • Meeting listener expectations and preferences
  • The 4 Steps to Creating Influence
  • Speaking emotionally to activate stakeholders
  • Storytelling techniques to reach diverse audiences

Module 5: Logistics for Virtual Meetings

  • Camera height 
  • Using body language in virtual settings
  • Lighting requirements
  • Why facial expressions matter
  • Presence, poise, and being ready

Module 6: Vocal Dynamics

  • Why (and how much) your vocal skills matter online
  • The 5 Key Skills of Vocal Expressiveness
  • Personalizing the camera
  • Building trust and credibility

And . . . live presentation practice with critiques and feedback!

Available online workshops

Speaking Virtually TM  Zoom training with Dr. Genard is available in these formats:

  • Two-hour live interactive workshop. Limited to 20 participants. Key learning modules and discussion with the entire group. Plus, breakout rooms where team members practice their pre-prepared presentations with critiques and feedback facilitated by Dr. Genard.
  • Two-day live interactive group workshop + individual coaching sessions. Limited to 6 participants. Day One features the two-hour group workshop as described above. On Day Two, Dr. Genard conducts private 1:1 coaching with each participant for approximately one hour, including additional practice with screen recording. On Day Two, each attendee only has to attend their individual one-hour virtual session.
Looking for private coaching? For Dr. Genard 1:1 private coaching course, see our Executive Speech Coaching

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