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Whatever your level of experience, How to Give a Speech will help you optimize your natural talents as an effective communicator. This practical handbook features 101 quick tips for boosting your confidence and increasing your credibility in every type of speaking situation, from informal meetings to high-stakes presentations.

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Actor and speech coach Gary Genard shares his performance-based techniques and proven strategies for successful speeches and presentations, organized in sixteen fast-paced chapters for easy reference:

  • Chapter 1

    Calming Your Nerves and Gaining Confidence
  • Chapter 2

    Breathing Techniques for Public Speaking
  • Chapter 3

    Organizing Your Materials and Telling Your Stories
  • Chapter 4

    Creating Dynamic Introductions and Conclusions
  • Chapter 5

    Delivering Your Messages Successfully
  • Chapter 6

    Using PowerPoint and Other Media
  • Chapter 7

    12 Easy Ways to Achieve Present and Charisma
  • Chapter 8

    The Power of Your Voice
  • Chapter 9

    The Visual You: Body Language
  • Chapter 10

    Acting and Public Speaking
  • Chapter 11

    Engaging and Persuading Audiences
  • Chapter 12

    Dealing with Skeptical Audiences and Resistance
  • Chapter 13

    Phone Conversations and Conference Calls
  • Chapter 14

    Handling Q & A Like a Pro
  • Chapter 15

    Nuts & Bolts: Practical Skills for Presenters
  • Chapter 16

    Looking Ahead: The Future of Public Speaking

Whether you present weekly or occasionally, think of How to Give a Speech as your portable speech coach. Use it to “charge your battery” and hone your performance skills for greater stage presence and influence.  $15.95 with free shipping to the U.S.

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