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Body Language that Will Make You More Persuasive and Likable

Sep 25, 2016 by Gary Genard

Do you want to persuade others and be viewed as more likable? Of course you do! Here's an easy and dependable way to make that happen.  read more »

Your Voice and Leadership: Two Secrets to Achieving Presence and Charisma

Sep 22, 2016 by Gary Genard

To lead people when you speak,  you need a fully expressive voice. Here are two secrets for developing vocal power and subtlety to influence!  read more »

How to Avoid Giving Presentations that Make You Look Bad

Sep 18, 2016 by Gary Genard

Have you heard the 'rules' about giving an effective speech? Here's how to resist by-the-numbers presentations that actually keep you from reaching your goal!  read more »

Body Language and First Impressions: How to Establish Instant Rapport

Sep 11, 2016 by Gary Genard

Do you know the body language rules for creating instant rapport with other people? Here are some ways you can look and act at your best! read more »

Confessions of an Actor: How to Rehearse for an Amazing Speech

Sep 04, 2016 by Gary Genard

Do you know how to rehearse to nail that upcoming speech or presentation? Here's how to prepare so you're zeroed in on success!  read more »

How to Go from Nervousness to Stage Presence in One Easy Lesson

Aug 28, 2016 by Gary Genard

Want to develop stage presence for public speaking? Overcome your nervousness with this quick and easy technique! read more »

To Dramatically Improve Your Eye Contact, Use This Technique

Aug 25, 2016 by Gary Genard

  Eye contact is a key public speaking skill. To dramatically improve your eye contact, use this quick and easy technique! read more »

How to Develop a Warmer and More Pleasant Voice

Aug 21, 2016 by Gary Genard

Want to be one of the successful business speakers? Discover these 5 ways of acquiring a warmer and more pleasant voice to persuade listeners. read more »

Relax! — 3 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Speech Anxiety

Aug 14, 2016 by Gary Genard

  Do you suffer from speech anxiety and presentation jitters? Learn these 3 techniques to get relaxed quickly for public speaking!    read more »

How to Boost Your Leadership Team's Success with Public Speaking

Aug 07, 2016 by Gary Genard

Does your leadership team use public speaking as a strategic tool? Here's how to consistently reach your goals with key stakeholders. read more »

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