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10 Easy Ways to Make People Have More Confidence In You

Oct 06, 2019 by Gary Genard

Do you look and sound like someone who's a success? Here are 10 easy ways to make people have more confidence in you. read more »

How to Understand and Impress Your Audience

Jul 07, 2019 by Gary Genard

To get people to see your point of view, you shouldn't look in the mirror. Here's how to understand your audience for an impressive persuasive speech. read more »

The Six Rules of Effective Public Speaking

Oct 15, 2017 by Gary Genard

  Great business speakers know how to engage and move audiences. If you want to join their ranks, follow these all-important rules of effective public speaking.  read more »

Use This Amazing Technique to Boost Your Communication Skills

Apr 11, 2012 by Gary Genard

At some point in the public speaking workshops I conduct, I ask the audience this question: read more »

For Effective Speaking, Put Stories in Your Presentation Toolbox

Apr 04, 2012 by Gary Genard

Recently a Fortune 500 company hired me to coach one of their young executives for an upcoming speech. The talk would be part of a company-wide conference, and this executive was scheduled to deliver ... read more »

Communication Skills: 4 Ways to Achieve Vocal Power

Apr 01, 2012 by Gary Genard

Did you ever consider that delivering an outstanding presentation is like performing a great song? Not only is the “music” delightful to listen to, but your voice soars on a combination of dynamic ... read more »

Performing with Grace: The Lesson of "The Hunger Games"

Mar 28, 2012 by Gary Genard

Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl, volunteers for a cruel and deadly contest to save her younger sister from certain death. In a post-apocalyptic future, teenagers from twelve districts are ... read more »

The 7 Danger Zones of Q & A: Surviving for Effective Communication

Mar 18, 2012 by Gary Genard

Q & A is one of the most challenging aspects of public speaking. Yet it’s also one of your greatest opportunities to shine as a presenter.  read more »

Q & A: The Perfect Strategic Tool for Effective Public Speaking

Feb 08, 2012 by Gary Genard

What’s your relationship with the question-and-answer session that usually follows a speech or presentation? Perhaps you fit into one of these two camps concerning Q & A: read more »

For Executive Presence and Leadership, Move When You Speak!

Nov 21, 2011 by Gary Genard

read more »

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