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How To Improve Your Credibility In Public Speaking

Apr 28, 2024 by Gary Genard

How good are you at gaining people's confidence immediately when you speak? Here are 5 ways to improve your credibility in public speaking. read more »

Leadership Skills — How to Persuade Any Audience

May 09, 2021 by Gary Genard

Key to leadership skills is knowing how to inspire and activate listeners. Here are 6 exciting performance-based ways to persuade any audience. read more »

Are You Clear? How to Be a Concise and Compelling Speaker

Apr 11, 2021 by Gary Genard

Are you clear when you speak in person and virtually? Here's how to be a concise and compelling speaker every time. read more »

Are You an Authentic Speaker? - 5 Ways to Boost Your Credibility

May 24, 2015 by Gary Genard

read more »

How to Use Emotions in Public Speaking

Jan 25, 2015 by Gary Genard

Today, I'd like to discuss the power of emotions in public speaking. The examples I'll use—from an introductory video, a media interview, and a eulogy—are from the worlds of medicine, sports, and law ... read more »

What to Say to Overcome Audience Resistance

Jan 18, 2015 by Gary Genard

We all know that getting an audience to accept and act on your message is easier if your listeners are receptive. Do they like you? Is what you’re saying pleasant for them to hear? Will the action ... read more »

Want Credibility as a Speaker? — Learn How to Handle Q & A!

Jan 04, 2015 by Gary Genard

The other day, a consultant whose work I admire asked me for some advice. He was working with a client who was an excellent speaker. But when the Q & A began in this client’s presentations, ... read more »

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