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Audiences Want to Like You — Here's How to Make It Easy For Them

Aug 27, 2023 by Gary Genard

Does public speaking make you anxious? Audiences are on your side! Here's how to make it easy for audiences to like you. read more »

Want Audiences to Like You More? Do This!

Mar 13, 2022 by Gary Genard

Are you trying to make audiences like you more? That's not how it's done! Here's the key to achieving likability and influence with listeners. read more »

Tailor Your Content to Your Audience to Achieve Influence

Aug 23, 2012 by Gary Genard

To speak is to influence, and nowhere is this truer than in formal talks, speeches, and presentations. (To learn how to speak dynamically, download our cheat sheet, "5 Ways to Captivate an Audience.") read more »

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