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How to Be More Personable in Virtual Meetings

Aug 30, 2020 by Gary Genard

How are your video conferencing skills? Are you a charismatic speaker? Here's the secret of how to be more personable in virtual meetings. read more »

How to Be a High-Energy Speaker with Great Stage Presence

Mar 05, 2017 by Gary Genard

One of the secrets of great speakers is generating high-energy stage presence. Here's how to speak with power while commanding a stage! read more »

5 New Habits to Be a More Successful Speaker in 2017

Jan 01, 2017 by Gary Genard

Ready to break out of the pack with your presentations in 2017? Develop these 5 habits for more powerful and persuasive public speaking! read more »

4 Easy Ways to Be a More Engaging Public Speaker

Jul 31, 2016 by Gary Genard

Want to touch and move audiences instead of just giving a speech? Follow this simple formula to achieve genuine presence and charisma! read more »

5 Ways to Captivate Any Audience and Speak with Charisma

Feb 14, 2016 by Gary Genard

Want to engage audiences and speak with charisma? Here are five simple techniques to make your presentations unforgettable. read more »

How to Use Video to Boost Your Speaking Credibility and Charisma

Nov 02, 2014 by Gary Genard

Need a great tool to help you be a more effective presenter? Here's how to use video to boost your speaking credibility and charisma. read more »

Do You Speak with Charisma? — Here are 3 Ways You Can!

Apr 28, 2013 by Gary Genard

This week, a speaker's ability to excite a crowd was in the news. The occasion was the dedication of George W. Bush's presidential library in Dallas. (To discover how to make your own speeches ... read more »

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