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The Best Way to Prepare the Wrong Way for Your Presentation

Dec 11, 2022 by Gary Genard

Sure, you want to be ready for your presentation. But your speech preparation needs to be done the right way—not the wrong way. Here's how to do it right. read more »

Are You Clear? How to Be a Concise and Compelling Speaker

Apr 11, 2021 by Gary Genard

Are you clear when you speak in person and virtually? Here's how to be a concise and compelling speaker every time. read more »

How to Organize a Presentation to Be an Outstanding Speaker

Apr 22, 2018 by Gary Genard

Wondering how to organize a presentation to persuade audiences? Use this approach to know how to start a speech, how to end a speech powerfully, and create maximum engagement in between! read more »

4 Foolproof Ways to Rehearse a Speech or Presentation

Mar 20, 2016 by Gary Genard

Need a winning strategy for that upcoming presentation? Here are four ways to rehearse your speech for great results! read more »

Presentation Technology . . . Are You Using It Effectively?

Nov 15, 2015 by Gary Genard

read more »

Starting a Speech: How to Avoid this Common Mistake

Apr 11, 2015 by Gary Genard

read more »

Emotion in Public Speaking: Why It Matters

Mar 30, 2014 by Gary Genard

If you're in the business of giving presentations, you're in the business of delivering emotion. read more »

Organizing a Presentation: 3 Key Steps for Business Success

Jul 18, 2012 by Gary Genard

Does your company do a good job of organizing your presentations? Do your employees who give business presentations understand their real goal, and then deliver a talk that achieves it? In your ... read more »

Built to Last: 4 Classic Formats for Organizing a Presentation

Feb 28, 2012 by Gary Genard

Creating effective presentations means remembering that purpose and content are two different animals. Your purpose is what you hope to accomplish in your presentation, while content is what you need ... read more »

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