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The Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of 2014

Want to know how to hook audiences early and persuade them? Interested in body language that will help you achieve presence and charisma? Ready to learn the essential leadership qualities of great speakers?

If becoming a more dynamic and successful speaker is a target on your radar screen, those are some of the topics you’ll find in blogs I published this year. As I do each year, I’ve compiled a list of my most popular blogs in 2014. As always, it’s fun to look back and discover which topics readers found most interesting and which blogs elicited the most comments.

Out of the forty-seven blogs featured on The Genard Method through November (and excluding my guests posts on other sites), below are the Top 10 performers this year. If you’ve read all of these selections already, thank you! And if you contributed comments or suggestions, thanks again.

Here’s the list, starting with the 10th most popular blog and moving up to #1. If you missed any, I’ve included links so you can catch up with them now. Enjoy!

#10. “7 Bad Public Speaking Habits: Are You Guilty?” (September 21)

You’ve heard lots of advice on how to improve your presentations. But what about those bad habits you may need to break? Listed here are seven “career-threateners.” From the preparation stage to your actual appearance, if any of these habits sound familiar, you should read this blog to get back on track and reach listeners where they live!  

#9. “Your Voice and Leadership: Two Secrets to Achieving Presence and Charisma” (August 17)

When it comes to leadership skills, nothing is more important than your voice. This article provides two secrets to speaking with true power—and they may not be what you're thinking! Your voice not only needs to project to the back of the room; it should also possess the sound of authority. In addition, you need sufficient vocal expressiveness to motivate, inspire, and excite your audiences. Find more here, concerning leadership training that’s laser-focused on your voice.

#8. “How to Hook Your Audience with a Great Opener” (June 8)

How do you come up with a great speech hook that compels your audience to pay attention? The best speakers know the answer! This blog discusses the four key elements of a successful speech hook that will be concise and meaningful, resonate with your audience, connect with something larger than your topic—and help you change your world.

#7. “Body Language and First Impressions: How to Establish Instant Rapport” (August 10)

Body language is critical to the initial impression you make on others. So do you know how to establish rapport and build relationships quickly? You’ll find out how in this blog. From eye contact to body language to your distance from your listeners, here are the nonverbal tools to use so that others find you likable and trustworthy.

#6. “Body Language: What Are You Revealing When You Speak?” (January 26)

What does your body language reveal about you to an audience? Your nonverbal communication provides subtle signals that not only convey information, but also tell an audience how you feel about them, your topic, and even yourself. In this blog, I discuss one of the year’s most popular movies, and discuss how it reveals the types of things you want your own audiences to see.

#5. “The 7 Leadership Qualities of Great Speakers” (July 12)

Looking for ways to become not only a more successful communicator, but also a great speaker? Forget all the advice about "excellence." Instead, learn how to serve your audience’s needs. Here are the seven attributes you can’t be without, along with twenty-four examples of great speakers who allow you to see each of these qualities in action.

#4. “Body Language and Power Poses: How to Achieve Amazing Presence!” (September 7)

Can adopting "power poses" improve your public speaking presence? Amy Cuddy’s 2012 TED talk discusses this topic—and has garnered 19 million views to date.  Clearly, we’re all fascinated by body language. In this blog, I take the idea of power poses an important step further and discuss 10 body language techniques you can use to achieve amazing presence. Discover themhere.

#3. “The Six Rules of Effective Public Speaking” (March 22)

Great speakers know how to engage and move audiences from their first word to their last. To join their ranks, follow these all-important "Six Rules." You’ll find advice here on connecting strongly with audiences and building relationships; using your body effectively; coloring your vocal delivery; and getting good—really good—at Q & A.

#2. “5 Acting Techniques for Greater Stage Presence in Public Speaking” (October 5)

When it comes to being a dynamic speaker, acting techniques can help you excel. This blogoffers 5 ways to improve your performance and acquire presence and charisma, whatever type of speaking you do. I draw upon my acting career to discuss ways you can develop powerful stage presence, from body language and vocal skills to directing your audience’s response as you discover the power of the spotlight.

#1. “25 Words or Phrases to Avoid in Speeches and Presentations” (March 2)

My most popular blog of 2014 shows you how to avoid “death-dealing” words and phrases that can derail your carefully prepared presentation. Your message should change your listeners’ lives for the better. Why weaken it with language you could just as easily do without? From self-centered references, to watered-down content, to unnecessary apologies, to chipping away at your credibility—learn some important ways you may be undermining your own success.

Thank you so much for reading my Speak for Success! blog this year. I look forward to hearing your comments, stories, and suggestions in 2015!

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