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Top 10 Public Speaking Blogs of the Year

It's been quite a year at Speak for Success!, my blogging page here at The Genard Method. So far during 2012, I've published 88 blogs, and the viewership of this page has skyrocketed. I'm thankful for that, delighted to be sharing my viewpoint and information about effective public speaking with you, and thrilled that I'm reaching so many interested readers.

To give you an idea of how far we've all come in terms of the topics we've been focused on this year, my first blog of calendar year 2012, published on January 5, began with this question:

"How many candidates in the 2012 presidential campaign would you listen to just for fun?"

Yes, that's how far we've come! As the New Year approaches, I'm sure you'll continue to be interested in how you can speak more confidently, compellingly, and influentially: the areas I focus on in Speak for Success! After all, truly effective public speaking is always about communicating for the benefit of our listeners rather than ourselves. With that thought in mind, let's continue to move forward and improve!

Here are the Top 10 Blogs from Public Speaking International in 2012. They're listed below in order of popularity, starting with #1. Click on a title to read that particular blog:

1. "Body Language Secrets: What Self-Image Are You Broadcasting?" Body language gives audiences a clear impression of who and what you are as a speaker. Read this article to learn how to make nonverbal communication work for you - whatever the situation or audience!

2. "Grab Your Audience - 12 Foolproof Ways to Open a Speech." So you'll finally be pitching to that audience of decision-makers. Congratulations! But how should you open your speech? Here are 12 foolproof "speech grabbers!"

3. "5 Body Language Errors that Will Sink Your Presentation." Do you want to be a dynamic speaker? Then you'd better understand body language! Here are 5 classic errors to avoid, so your speech will be a triumph rather than a tragedy.

4. "The 5 Key Body Language Techniques of Public Speaking." Body language is a key element of executive speaking and team presentations. Here are 5 techniques you need to know to succeed. My guess is that you've never thought of two of these as body language techniques at all!

5. "4 Easy Ways to Become a More Charismatic Speaker." Want to become a more charismatic speaker? These 4 easy techniques will boost your likability quotient and inspire audiences.

6. "Leadership Skills: The 5 Essential Speaking Techniques." What do Obama, Reagan, Lincoln, King, and JFK have in common? They shared these essential techniques of speaking for leadership. These skills will help you understand your audiences, inspire your listeners, and move them to action!

7. "Bill Clinton's Secret: Compelling Body Language." Remember Bill Clinton? Whether you favor Che Guevara T-shirts or quote William F. Buckley at cocktail parties, you'll probably agree with me that William Jefferson Clinton was and is a charismatic public speaker. So throw away that PowerPoint manual. Learn Bill Clinton's secret: compelling body language.

8. "Leadership Skills: 10 Ways to Stay Fully Focused when Speaking." Leadership skills include speaking with power and influence. You may be proud of your skills at multitasking, but they're definitely not your friend when it comes to influencing stakeholders. Here are 10 ways to stay fully focused for presentation excellence.

9. "Start Strong! -- Give Your Audience a Greeting They'll Remember." Do you pay particular attention to how you greet your audience, before your presentation actually begins? You should! When it comes to launching a presentation strongly, you need to "power up" your greeting. Read this article to see how it's done!

10. "Body Language Mistakes: 5 Ways to Destroy Your Own Message." Body language can help give you presence and charisma. But it can also undermine your message. Learn 5 mistakes you should avoid.



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