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"Be a voice not an echo." - Albert Einstein

The Breathing Technique that Will Boost Your Confidence

Sep 01, 2019 by Gary Genard

Do you get nervous before giving a presentation? Learn this breathing technique that will boost your confidence every time you speak!  read more »

"Oops!" ― 5 Ways to Recover from a Brain Freeze in a Presentation

Aug 18, 2019 by Gary Genard

Had a brain freeze while presenting? Don't worry―your career isn't over. Here are 5 ways to keep your composure and get back in the game! read more »

Do You Go Blank from Public Speaking Anxiety? — Do This!

Nov 08, 2015 by Gary Genard

Over the last 15 years at The Genard Method, I’ve coached professionals of all types in overcoming their fear of public speaking. Speech anxiety is, without doubt, one of the biggest problems facing ... read more »

Speaking for Leadership: 3 Key Body Language Techniques

Oct 18, 2015 by Gary Genard

Sometimes success in business comes down to small things with big implications. And they can hit you right out of the blue, from unexpected directions. I’d like to tell you the story of how I was ... read more »

Stressed Out Over Public Speaking? — Embrace It!

May 17, 2015 by Gary Genard

Is anything more stressful than giving a high-stakes speech or presentation? And is there another situation where you feel less equipped to handle that stress? read more »

The Public Speaking Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright

Apr 19, 2015 by Gary Genard

read more »

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Mar 15, 2015 by Gary Genard

Let’s talk about your fear of public speaking. read more »

The Best Prescription for Fear of Public Speaking? — Tough Love!

Aug 24, 2014 by Gary Genard

You know what it’s like. You have something to say to an audience, and you’re excited about the opportunity to do so. read more »

Abraham Lincoln and Stage Fright: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Aug 03, 2014 by Gary Genard

The recent headline is startling: “Unpublished 1860 letter by Abraham Lincoln Shows ‘Nervous’ Side.” And if that doesn’t surprise you, this might: Lincoln reveals in the letter that public ... read more »

Calm Your Nerves: 27 Ways to Banish Pre-Speech Jitters

Dec 17, 2012 by Gary Genard

Butterflies in the belly. Stage fright. Nervousness. Anticipatory anxiety. read more »

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