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Genard Method of Performance-Based Public Speaking Training

Dr. Gary Genard is pleased to announce an exciting new direction for Public Speaking International: the launch of The Genard Method of performance-based public speaking training. Watch for his new website with great content and resources to help you become an exceptional communicator.

Launch date is next week!

Serving the Needs of Public Speakers Everywhere

In 2001, stage actor and communicators professor Dr. Gary Genard founded his Boston-based speech coaching and training practice. The company has grown substantially, built out a new training facility, and is about to establish a new presence in the arena of theater-based public speaking training.

Dr. Genard would like to thank his clients, mentors, colleagues, fellow actors, and all who dare to share their unique ideas through speeches and presentations. He has learned from all of you over the years as he established and continues to refine The Genard Method of Performance-Based Public Speaking Training.

Be sure to look as well for his latest book coming out in May 2014 from Cedar & Maitland Press: Fearless Speaking: Beat Your Anxiety. Build Your Confidence. Change Your Life.

Thanks to all!






















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