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If speech anxiety is making you miserable or limiting your career, Fearless Speaking offers a way out. Author, actor and speech coach Dr. Gary Genard shares his proven method that will transform your stage fright into confidence. Escape the cycle of negative thinking, physical symptoms, and avoidance behavior that are holding you back. Read the book, practice the exercises . . . and you'll feel and see the difference immediately!

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About the Book

Fearless Speaking addresses the world's most common phobia, tackling the problem head-on. It’s an empowering self-guided, self-paced approach from America's top speech coach for overcoming speaking fear.

This is the book that will change your life forever! Read a chapter a day and practice the exercises, and you'll have the tools you need to eliminate your speech anxiety in just 12 days. Dr. Genard says:

“Through my work as a speech coach and trainer, I know firsthand what a roadblock fear of public speaking can be to success. Stage fright has nothing to do with competence, and it affects people at any level and in every field. I wrote this book to give readers the very same tools and encouragement I use in my practice to help them overcome their fear and speak with confidence.”

Through 50 hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put your fear of public speaking into perspective
  • Turn negative beliefs into positive thinking
  • Control your nerves and maintain your focus
  • Use body language to broadcast confidence
  • Create your own success with positive visualization
  • Practice biofeedback to control your stress response
  • Halt a panic attack before it starts
  • Acquire the skills to become a dynamic speaker
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About the Author

Dr. Gary Genard

Gary Genard, Ph.D., is an actor, communications professor, and speech coach. Creator of The Genard Method of performance-based public speaking training, he has spent the past fifteen years helping people cope with speech anxiety. He also coaches executives and senior professionals in speaking for leadership. For the seventh consecutive year in 2020, Global Gurus has ranked Gary as "One of The World's Top 30 Communication Professionals." He holds a doctorate in Theater from Tufts University and is the author of How to Give a Speech (Cedar & Maitland Press, 2007), several e-books, and the blog Speak for Success!

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Global Gurus ranked Gary among its annual list of the world's top 30 communication experts for the past six consecutive years.


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What Others Are Saying

“This book will change your life! Dr. Gary Genard gives you invaluable tools and techniques so you can stay focused, relaxed, and confident in front of an audience. You almost feel like Gary is in the room with you coaching you to success. His writing is warm, personal, caring and honest.”

Jeannie Lindheim
Author of Trusting the Moment: Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination

“This book is sensational! Fearless Speaking features a smart, positive method for eliminating your speaking fear immediately. You won’t find a more hands-on and practical approach.”

Brad Phillips
Author of The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview

“A life changing book filled with ‘Aha!’ moments. Fearless Speaking is a courage-builder that will last a lifetime. It offers a clear picture of how to make our voices heard to others exactly as we intended.”

Susan Rice Alexander
President/CEO, Black Diamond French Truffles, Inc. and Susan Alexander Truffles, LLC

“This book tackles the issues of speech anxiety head-on. Every speaker has some sense of lurking disaster running through his or her mind, and this is exactly what Dr. Genard addresses in Fearless Speaking. It’s not the standard ‘speak slowly, stand erect and smile at the audience’ speech book. It exhaustively takes on a serious and complex issue, and delivers a comprehensive course of instruction on managing your thoughts and improving your public speaking.”

William Tice
President & CEO, Freshweb Technologies Inc.

“Far more effective than being told to ‘relax!’”

Brian Palmer
President, National Speakers Bureau

“If the prospect of giving a speech fills you with dread, Gary Genard’s Fearless Speaking is the book for you. Gary shows you how to reframe your fear and provides you with scores of tips to deal with the physical symptoms of fear that we all find so uncomfortable. A must-read for the frequent speaker.”

Nick Morgan
President of Public Words, Inc and author of three books on communications, including Power Cues, to be published by Harvard in May, 2014.

“Gary Genard provides the solutions to fearless public speaking because he understands our questions, doubts, roadblocks and insecurities. Gary offers a simple, eloquent, step-by-step plan for amateurs and professionals to take the stage with courage, confidence, and cool.”

Robert Spector
Author and International Speaker

“You need to be at the top of your game to succeed at public speaking. Focus, enjoyment, and passion all play a part. Dr. Gary Genard’s book is the perfect recipe to help you come through loud and clear in each of those departments.”

Joseph Kvedar, M.D.
Founder and Director of the Center for Connected Health, Partners Healthcare

“Even veteran leaders can have speech anxiety despite enormous self-assurance. If that’s your experience, this book can be a lifesaver. Not only does Gary Genard explain speaking fear, he offers dozens of ways to beat stage fright and demonstrate confidence. An enthusiastic thumbs-up!”

John Baldoni
Executive Coach, Author of Lead With Purpose and The Leader’s Guide to Speaking With Presence

“While the shelves are filled with books on speaking, those that help people conquer fear are important. Speech anxiety keeps so many people from achieving their potential, feeling confident, and being heard. Fearless Speaking is practical, actionable, encouraging and empowering. What are you waiting for?”

Suzanne Bates
Author of Speak Like a CEO

Fearless Speaking is a valuable guide for anyone who gives presentations, to any audience. The self-understanding and confidence-building techniques in this book are powerful.”

James Roosevelt, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, Tufts Health Plan

“Public speaking is important not only in our professional lives but also if we want to advocate for a cause. That can be nearly impossible if you have anxiety about speaking in public. Fearless Speaking shows you how to get out of your own way and speak from the heart. When you’re that authentic you’ll dig deep and your message will come through powerfully. Dr. Genard’s approach will teach you how to do exactly that.”

Geraldine Acuna
Senior Counsel, Bracebridge Capital

“As a communications consultant specializing in voice, I’m very critical of others claiming to do the same thing. Imagine my delight some years ago when I discovered Gary Genard, a fellow actor who understands performance at the deepest level. Anything he writes you have to read. He really knows his stuff—and can train you fast. This book? Buy it, read it . . . do it! You won’t regret it.”

Fergus McClelland
Speaker, Communication Consultant