One of America's top speech coaches reveals how to excel in online meetings ...

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How strong is your presence and influence in online meetings? Do you and your team excel in the virtual environment? If not, you need this book!

In concise chapters filled with practical advice, Dr. Gary Genard's The Online Meetings Handbook offers powerful and proven techniques for individuals and teams. Discover performance-based secrets for improving your success online. You’ll learn how to:

  • Look and sound at your best in virtual meetings.
  • Make remote sessions more enjoyable and productive.
  • Improve your personal and team online presentation skills.
  • Use this “trick” to speak more clearly and concisely.
  • Practice speaking naturally to a webcam.
  • Use effective body language for the video environment.
  • ‘Think on your seat’ when speaking under pressure.
  • Stay energized all day long when facing Zoom fatigue.
  • Beat the competition in running successful customer meetings.
  • And much more.

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